Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lotus Pedal-Pedal To The Metal


Ignorance is bliss or say they say. Mind you said ignorance does little to explain the mind numbing experience I call life and how forgetful I have grown in my old age. "Pedal To The Metal" is another album I stumbled across recently that I had meant to review some while back as a promise to a friend. Sorry. Really though this one was released in the later part of 2011 so the dust hasn't really settled on this album so let's roll up our sleeves and take this powerful muscle car for a ride shall we? This makes album number three for Cleveland's own Lotus Pedal. The band is made up off Race (Guitar), JB (Bass) and Machine Gun (Drums). Not sure who lays down the post-punk/garage rock lead vocals but they certainly agree with the wall of sound these three create. Yes folks, it is indeed power trio time again and like all good power trio acts these Cleveland rockers keep the riffs flowing like ice cold beer at happy hour. This one falls somewhere along the lines of fuzzed out space rock/stoner metal although the band does twist things about with influences ranging from metal to progressive rock to grunge. The album plays out with plenty of fuzz rock riffs and 70's hard rock love making Lotus Pedal sound other worldly not unlike Monster Magnet, Ted Nugent, Motorhead and MC5 riding a 100 proof alcohol fueled spaceship straight into the sun. Oh yeah. Check out the band's Reverbnation page below for more info.


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