Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Wino and Conny Ochs-Heavy Kingdom

Exile on Mainstream

Veteran vocalist/guitarist Scott "Wino" Weinrich is no stranger different projects having played with Saint Vitus, the Obsesseed, Hidden Hand and many more. So now he has a new solo album or rather a duo project with Conny Ochs. Wino and Ochs during the tour for Wino's Adrift when Ochs was the opening act. The two realized they had some things in common and begin working on material. This album picks up on the acoustic path that Wino started on 2010's Adrift. Although this album has a cleaner almost live in the same room kind of quality. The music and vocals will transport back to a simpler time. Most of the tracks are stripped down to the bone. This is about as basic as it gets with just vocals and a guitar. So no fancy effects just song writing and a performance in a pretty pure form. That recipe works just fine for these two musicians as they just go with the emotions and let the songs flow on these eleven tracks. Now this probably isn't an album that everyone will want to listen to at all time, but the pure power shines through in most of their performances. There are however some shortcomings. One is that follows "Adrift" and while this album is similar in style it lacks the depth of the previous album. The other major problem is that some of the song sound very similar. Overall a very decent effort.

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