Thursday, March 01, 2012

Sigh-In somniphobia


I am sure that everyone has had dreams that are so crazy and there yet there is something intriguing about them that burns them into your brain. Sigh's music has always been that way to my ears. Even after twenty plus years in this business the ideas are still flowing for this band. Sigh were more a metal band in their earlier days, but they spread their wings over the years. They are still metal in the sense there is a layer of heaviness that is almost always present to some extent. However In somniphobia is a prime example of how this band can incorporate so many different sounds and styles into their music. Here they mix heavy surges with bits that sound like they are from a warped spaghetti western and then turn the pace on it's ear. The end result is a quirky and unpredictably wild ride. In less expert hands this could have been messy. With Sigh we get eleven tracks of madness and mayhem plus there is never a dull moment. Among my favorite tracks on this album are the truly bizarre yet totally logical "The transfiguration fear lucid nightmares", the bent and twisted "Amnesia" and the berserk "Amongst the phantoms of abandoned tumbrils". Yet another astounding album from one of the most interesting bands going today.

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