Thursday, May 17, 2012

Divider/Colony-Split 7 inch.


Here's the thing kids. This is a split from our friends over at Stereokiller. Not sure if they posted it first or if they just choose to highlight the darn thing. Either way that is where I found it so due credit must be given. That was point A if you like so here is point B: This is a split that has been out for a few months now, but seeing as it is new to me that makes it alright! If it's not new to you then move along...nothing to see here. But, if it will be new to you then take notice. First thing striking about this two band split is the fact that both bands represent the New York hardcore scene and that my friends is something to pause and consider. New York has a rich tradition of blood on the streets, fists in the air, broken bottles/broken bones real hardcore. The fact that there is new blood (no pun intended) being spilled here is a good thing. Keep the scene alive and well whatever it takes. That said these two particular acts-Divider (Long Island, NY) and Colony (Hudson Valley, NY) are not straight-up hardcore per say. Rather both of these bands are hardcore with any extra helping of sludge. Does that make them any less a part of the New York hardcore scene? In my opinion the answer is no, but feel free to argue that point if you like. On the split Divider come up to the plate first with the mid-paced "Tide Lungs". This is the band's only contribution (which is a shame) and it places more of an emphasis on low-end heaviness than the typical crazy speed of street hardcore. It is gritty, raw and quite real with a serious attitude problem and a dead-serious heavy guitar sound. Meanwhile Colony get three tracks to work with and (without simplifying what they do) come across as a bit more blood-soaked and ugly version of Eyehategod. Of their three tacks it was the last number, "Dead Ends" that was my favorite. It has a little bit of everything from frenzied hardcore to face melting sludge to (believe it or not) some weird progressive tendencies. Different in a good way...a very good way. Otherwise on the other tracks Colony still deliver vicious sludge/hardcore that is just plain nasty so if that progressive bit scares you don't worry. They know who they are and what needs to be done to get their point across. Both bands do the scene proud and play with professional pride. Even though most people will just scoop this up as a free download (which I would not blame you for doing as money is tight for everyone!) the split 7 inch is available to purchase in 3 different vinyl colors. Well worth it if your a fan of sludge/hardcore. You can find the link though for the free download below.

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