Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rumpelstiltskin Grinder-Ghostmaker

Candlelight Records

"Ghostmaker" is the third album from Philadelphia quartet Rumpelstiltskin Grinder (or RsG for short). A self-produced affair, "Ghostmaker" should find the band (bassist/vocalist Shawn Riley, guitarist Matt Moore, guitarist Ryan Moll and drummer Patrick Battaglia) trekking down the same dusty and dirty road that they did on "Living For Death, Destroying the Rest" right? Well, read on and together we shall see. Formed in 2002 (and containing former members of Solace in the Shadows and Evil Divine) RsG released a split 7" and a live CDR (the lovingly titled "Raped By Bears") before Relapse Records signed them up. For their 2005 debut, "Buried In The Front" the band played a style of metal that was not too far removed from the likes Destruction or Kreater (only tilted a bit more towards fast and frenzied crossover style thrash!) or modern thrash bands. Additional split recordings followed in "Speed N Spikes Vol. II" (2008) and "Urine Trouble / Nothing Defeats the Skull" (2008) before the release of studio album number two ,"Living for Death; Destroying the Rest". So, this being the band's third album should there be noticeable growth or is a band like this allowed to rest on their laurels? What am I asking you for? Besides, didn't I open this review by posing that question? I know, get to the point already Andy. Well, for a band from the Philadelphia they sure do love German thrash. That much is a given even on this album. Thing is what about those crazy lead vocals! Bassist/vocalist Shawn Riley sounds like he should be fronting Death or Possessed! Meanwhile the pair of guitarists (Matt Moore and Ryan Moll) shred through everything in their path like they were not only raised on Destruction and Kreater, but Exodus, Forbidden and Vio-lence. We must not forget drummer Patrick Battaglia. This cat can pound away like a mad man. He brings a certain Slayer vibe to the mix and holds everything together. Overall this quartet brings a little of everything to the party (German and American thrash, death metal, some crossover and even a hint of black metal) and proceeds to get violently thrashed out drunk! With an album like this you have no other option than to thrash until your neck falls off. As my friend Jeremy would say "rage on".

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