Sunday, May 13, 2012

Slander-Get Em Slandered


When British heavy metal band Slander released their lone album, “Careless Talk Costs Lives”, in 1991 little did anyone know that it would go on to become a cult classic. Here it is now in 2012 and the band (who reunited in 2009) are finally working on a proper follow-up. In the meantime Slander are shortly due to release a covers EP, "Get Em Slandered", as a way to introduce their new members. The band is currently made up of new lead singer Si Staples, guitarist Andy Saxon-Lamb, new bassist Pete Hewitt and drummer Andy "Eddie" Edwards. Now, if your a regular reader of our blog then you should surely know by now that both Metal Mark and I love everything about this band. With a sound that recalls both eighties classic heavy metal and the NWOBHM scene in general this four-piece band are old school in nature while still offering enough of a modern edge to give listeners a nice kick in the pants. This EP (due for release sometime in the next month or so) covers a look of ground, music-wise, from NWOBHM (Diamond Head and Iron Maiden) to rock (Kiss) to even thrash (Anthrax). I love their cover of "The Zoo" by hard rock band the Scorpions. It's a long-time favorite of mine. It's a classic cut and the way in which Slander handles it shows both appreciation for the Scorpions and reverence of hard rock. The same must be said of "Am I Evil" by Diamond Head. Obviously when most people hear that this song is to be covered they think of Metallica. While the boys in Metallica did a fine job with it I like Slander's cover too. Their version is much closer to Diamond Head's original vision. It's gritty and raw, heavy and nasty all without losing the old-fashion heavy metal charm of the original version. "Diamonds & Rust" (Joan Baez/Judas Priest) is another track that is just killer. It is very much in vogue with Judas Priest's version. It comes off as classic heavy metal while "Madhouse" (Anthrax) is about as heavy and thrashed out as Slander gets. Having heard "Madhouse" hundreds of times (I grew up on Anthrax) it is interesting to hear it done in a different fashion. "Hallowed be Thy Name" (Iron Maiden) is done in loving fashion and again you can tell how much Slander loves classic heavy metal/NWOBHM. You just get this sense that these guys love listening to heavy metal as much as they love playing it. Meanwhile "Detroit Rock City" is just plain fun to listen to. It's crunchy and heavy and, while they certainly don't take themselves too seriously on the number, they still manage to rock the living daylights out of this Kiss classic. This is a nice little stop gap before the band's next album (due sometime in 2013 at the earliest) is released. Find out more about Slander at their Facebook and/or Myspace pages below.

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Blogger Metal Mark said...

I'm not always a fan of cover albums, but being it's EP and since it's Slander this one is pretty good. Wished they done a KISS song that not everyone else has done, but it's still decent. I think the Scorps cover was my favorite.

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