Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cattle Decapitation-Monolith of Inhumanity

Metal Blade Records

I've always found it slightly odd that a band would choose to call themselves Cattle Decapitation when their lyrics deal heavily with the issue of animal rights. For me it's sort of like animal rights activists who use violence as a way to condemn animal testing. While I do not condone animal abuse I tend to place higher value on human beings (even if said human beings are doing their best to destroy humanity). Anyway, I will give these guys credit. They have stuck by their convictions. The band, who formed in 1996, have always displayed their disgust with the human race through their lyrics and album covers. Consequently the band has had a career long filled with controversy. Some distributors have refused to release their albums due to issues with the graphic cover art while other times they have faced censorship issues. Since I don't believe in censorship and/or restrictions on art (unless it is obviously child porn) I support the band even if I do not agree with their (sometimes) straight edge vegan stance. Granted I've always had a take it or leave it feeling about their music as well. Not that I don't like their brutal take on death/grind. I've just found that sometimes their past music has blurred together. At least for me it has. As I take a listen to the new album it leaves me in a unique situation. With "Monolith of Inhumanity" their album forces me to rethink my position. On their seventh album the band has refused to leave good enough alone. With new elements of black metal (yes, really!) finding it's way into the mix and some intriguing melodic undertones the album ends up as much more than simple death/grind. Due to its diverse nature I have to admit that Cattle Decapitation just might be more than I gave them credit for. Look past the graphic album art and the brutal mash-up of death metal and gore-soaked grindcore and you have a band willing to expand beyond the genre's perceived limitations. That takes some guts (no pun intended) when you risk alienating your fan base. If your a fan though I wouldn't worry too much about the band going soft or anything. This stuff is still just as brutal, heavy, in your face and pulverising as their message is.

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