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Centerlink Interview

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Centerlink. This Boston area hard rock/heavy metal band has a sound that combines the best aspects of old school traditional heavy metal and modern metal. If you have not yet read my review of their demo be sure to check it out. You can find a link of the review at the bottom of this page.

Andy-You were formed in 2006 correct? Can you tell us a little about how the band came about?

Centerlink-Yes, We were formed in 2006. Jon's mom had passed away and we hadn't actually talked in about 7 years. I learned how to record on the computer and was sending it into a local radio station and a dj was using it for her background fill. Jon and I talked about it as his mothers wake and Jon wanted to learn how to do it so I told him I would set him up at home so he could use his electronic drums and record his own music. So we went to Best Buy and guitar center and got all the equipment and set him up. Then at that point we decided to collaborate our recordings and started a band. Jon knew Billy from the previous band he was in which was UpperHand and Billy brought his 4-track recordings on board and Centerlink was formed.

Andy-Before Centerlink came about did you all play in other Boston area bands?

Centerlink-Jon and I started back in 1986 and formed a band in 1991 called Den of Thieves. That lasted for about 2 years which we never found a singer for and eventually went our separate ways. Jon hooked up with Billy in 1992 with a band called UpperHand and they were together for about 7 or 8 years, until they called it quits. I put down the guitar and didn't touch it for almost a decade. Then I learned how to record music on the computer, and about 3-4 years later is when I hooked up with Jon.

Andy-What is the current heavy metal scene like in Boston?

Centerlink-Well the current Metal scene is Boston is really somewhat dead. You need to go to southern Maine, out towards southern New Hampshire, or out towards Worcester Mass if you want to find a metal scene in the New England area.

Andy-Where did the name come from?

Centerlink-Parky came up with the name. We went through thousands of band names and researched them all over the web and myspace at the time before facebook came about and Centerlink nobody at the time had. Parky worked in the automotive industry for 16+ years at the time and a centerlink is the link between the two front wheels of a car that has a steering box type steering system.

Andy-Your demo shows a band that appreciates old-school thrash/heavy metal as well as the modern metal scene. Tell us a some more about the bands that helped shape Centerlink.

Centerlink-We all have different taste's in Metal but a lot of them are similar. Billy is old school metal like Ozzy, Black Sabbath and AC/DC but also likes Pantera and BLS along with KISS and Jon has the similar taste's along with Rush. Parky likes the Sepultura, Pantera, System of a Down and Korn even Hate Breed and Slipknot. Billy likes some of those bands as well as Jon but not so much, so we kind of cover the whole spectrum and incorporate it into our music.

Andy-Is the 3-track demo your first release?

Centerlink-We did release a ton of demo material on a Blue disk, which most of it you can hear on www.reverbnation.com/centerlink but as most of our fans will tell you they really do us no justice as compared to our live set and this new 3 track demo recorded in a recording studio.

Andy-Your heading back into the studio this summer is that correct?

Centerlink-Yeah....we are!!!!! We are hoping to get another 3 songs done to add to this and eventually go back in and finish it off with another 3 to make a 9 song album....so to speak.

Andy-That is so cool. So, how would you describe the newer material?

Centerlink-It's not really new. We have over 100 songs of material and at least 40 of them are complete with lyrics. We have just yet to release all of them.

Andy-That's pretty impressive! Who are some of the band you've played with so far?

Centerlink-We have played with mostly local bands in the area.

Andy-Other than recording new material does Centerlink have any other plans on the horizon?

Centerlink-Just playing out and trying to get our music out to as many people as we possibly can. Maybe even do a video after we get finished in the recording studio, or even try and get noticed by a record company and get on a tour somewhere.

Andy-Final thoughts?

Centerlink-No real final thoughts. This is a band we feel has potential. We don't sugar coat anything. What you see is what you get. Three guys who enjoy making music there way and are not trying to copy anyone else. We want to stand on our own and bring back straight forward in your face Heavy yet understandable music for the masses!!!!!!!

Andy-Thanks for taking the time to talk with us today. Good luck with everything! If you have a chance to check out Centerlink live be sure to.

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