Sunday, May 06, 2012

Lethal Saint-Saint strikes back


Dying Victims/Emanes Metal/Under Siege

I first heard Lethal Saint from Cyprus by way of their self-titled debut when it came out a little over two years ago. Now they are back with a seven inch. These guys are very much devoted to 1980's metal mainly focusing on a classic mid-tempo style that was popular around the early to middle part of that decade. So we get two tracks here. The first track "Out for the kill" comes busting on with a thick churning riff before settling down into a steady pace. This song reminds me of early Helstar with some Iron Maiden rhythms coming in during the second half. I really liked the transition into the solo too because there is no build-up but instead they launch straight into it. Towards the end they quickly glide back into the main riff to finish the track strong. The second song "Saint strikes back" fires on at a slightly faster pace than the previous track, but it's just as heavy. This track reminds me some of Attacker. The lyrics are brief and simple, but effective. The music is basic, but consistent with enough energy to keep the momentum going. If you liked their debut then you will like this as well because the style in similar. There are plenty of retro-metal acts going today, but many of them seem to only focus on NWOBHM acts. One thing I like about Lethal Saint is that they also seem to be influenced by American bands as well as NWOBHM plus there is of course a touch of some European metal influences in their music as well both on their debut and on this album. I hope that Lethal Saint stick with it and I look forward to hearing what they create on their next effort.

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