Thursday, May 03, 2012

Catheter-Southwest Doom Violence


Colorado's Catheter may be categorized as grindcore just due to the length of the songs or lack of it. They tie in bursts of death metal, thrash, sludge and all out into noise into short bursts. On a few tracks they do attempt to pull themselves and get the sound tied up enough to shape it into it some kind collective sound. For the most part they are perfectly content to clunk, bash and growl their way onward in their songs. What I like about this album is that they create some deep, hard hitting moments and these songs are great for people with short attention spans because they'll get at it right away. The problem is that plenty of the songs just bleed together due to a lack of variety. Also they hit on some heavy moments, but they tend to simmer more than explode. I kept waiting for them to just go all out and it never quite happened. An alright album, but there are better bands playing this style.

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