Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Adramelch - Lights From Oblivion

Pure Prog Records

I'm going to let you read the record label name above and then take one guess as to what "Lights From Oblivion" is all about. Did you make your guess? If you said that Adramelch played some variation of progressive rock/metal then you, my apt pupal, get a shiny new sticker. This Italian band was formed back in 1986 with a demo ("Irae Melanox") appearing the following year. In 1988 the Italian band (who by the way have been described as both a progressive rock/heavy metal act and a epic power metal/progressive metal group) released their full-length debut album, also titled "Irae Melanox", and participated on an Italian compilation LP called ''Heavy Rendezvous''. At some point after the album's release (from some accounts mere months!) the group disbanded. It would take another seven years before the band would get things in enough working order enough to release a 2nd album. With a strong desire to carry on what had been started with their excellent debut album the group hit the studio. The end result would end up being 2005's "Broken History". Of course it would be another seven years after that we come to the new album. Now, the band's debut release was a highly praised, if slightly under produced, affair and an album which has achieved cult status. For the most part their second album was also well-received and, for some at least, viewed as a step-up. With some new elements in place and a more mature outlook some really have considered album number two to be even better than the first LP. That says quite a bit. So, what are we to make of album number three? More of the same? A step up? A step down? Well, to answer that we will take these questions in order: Yes it is more of the same rock heavy, if quite melodic, progressive style heavy metal of old. For question number two? Is it a step-up? I'd have to say no. For one thing there is hardly any of the epic progressive metal that made the band's older material work so well. That is not to say that the music is any less genuine or meaningful. Just that it lacks the sweeping feeling found on album's one and two. On to question number three. Is it a step-down? From the way I've just described it you'd probably expect me to say yes. Well, with the full acknowledgement that I have never claimed to be an expert when it comes to progressive rock or progressive metal, I would say it's more like a step to the side than a step down. The album might not have the same overarching epic feel of old Adrameich, but it makes up for it with a nod of appreciation towards older progressive rock music of the seventies. Despite how that sounds "Lights From Oblivion" still comes across as modern and inventive. It does risk running out of steam at over 60 minutes in length, but there is far and away more than enough things to keep the listener interested and involved. While it might not be as good as the band's older albums one does have to appreciate the time and effort that this Italian act must have put into this release. The material is well thought out and executed. It works well and never really seems as if the band is just going through the motions. What is really nice about the album is with these Italian rockers it is still quite obvious to all that would hear the LP that they still love the music they make. That is more than can be said for a lot of bands at this point in the game.

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