Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blood Mortized- The Key To A Black Heart


Swedish death metal? Well, that is unusual. Or not. Really though when it's good death metal who cares if it is original right? Blood Mortized (nice name by the way) come courtesy of the German label FDA REKOTZ. It's far too early in the morning for me (and I was only left one cup of coffee!) to remember how it is that I came to get promos from these fine folks. Sometimes these things just show up in my inbox so who I am to argue? Formed in 2007, the band has released a self-titled debut album and an EP, "Bestial", already. Now, as I'm looking back through the archives (at this very moment) I do see that I previously reviewed "Bestial" so that does help to explain why this full-length blast of Dismember type death metal showed up in my mail. Maybe, it's the lack of sunshine on this dreary Saturday morning but I rather like this release more than "Bestial". Despite my 13 daughter walking into my study just moments ago and saying "what is that noise?" this Stockholm based death metal band has a wonderful old school sound that is also somewhat underground in nature and "fuzzed out garage metal" in style. With the gritty vocals coming from Mattias Parkkila the album ends up sounding quite raw, almost black in places, and just the ticket for a rain soaked April day in my part of Ohio. It certainly seems to be a step up from the band's EP and an album that should appeal to not only Dismember fans but Amon Amarth ones as well. With my second cup of coffee in hand (thanks Dad!) I'm off to see what other kind of trouble I can get into this morning. I don't expect to forget about Blood Mortized as easily the next time around as "The Key To A Black Heart" will be on my listening list for the week ahead. Who needs more Swedish death metal? The answer is we all do!

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