Friday, April 27, 2012

Soundgarden-"Live To Rise" Single

Hollywood Records, Inc.

Back in the summer of 1990 I was turned onto Soundgarden by a girlfriend. The band's second studio album, "Louder Than Love" (which had been released in Sept. of 1989) became the soundtrack for my long nights working at Sea World (or Slave World as we liked to call it). Cleaning a park after hours can be a lonesome process, but somehow the sound of Chris and company made it easier to cope with. By the time "Badmotorfinger" came roaring out I had become a full-fledged fan. Three years after that Soundgarden became a household name thanks to "Superunknown" and, while the rest of the world was singing their praises, from that moment on I sort of lost interest. It wasn't because Soundgarden were suddenly huge. It was simply that the music I knew and loved had become lost. The band (for me at least) was no longer about riding this huge post-Black Sabbath riff. In a manner of speaking what rolled off the presses was something more akin to pop. Where was the band that penned such great tracks as "Get on the Snake", "Full on Kevin's Mom" and "Big Dumb Sex"? They were gone. Now, with the much hyped, and highly anticipated by my son and I, new Avengers Assemble movie due out May 4th we get one of the album's cuts in "Live To Rise". This was a free download off of Itunes otherwise I'm not so sure I would have picked it up. The movie's soundtrack is set to feature not only Soundgarden, but Shinedown, Rise Against, Bush, Evanescence, Five Finger Death Punch and a host of other alternative rock bands. For Soundgarden this is hyped as the first new material in 15 years. For later-day Soundgarden fans I fully expect a lot of horns in the air and full blown hard ons. For older fans of the group "Live To Die" will be more of the same alt-metal that plagued Soundgarden towards the end of their run. Ultimately it sounds like a soundtrack rock track which might be the worst thing about "Live To Die". There is just little to the song in terms of substance to set it apart. If you've heard other soundtracks from the past 10+ years that feature sets of alt-metal/radio metal material you already know what to expect. Soundgarden should have material stronger than this. The song does little to set it apart from radio-rock of the Foo Fighters which is just crazy if you consider just how good this band used to be. I'm sorry Soundgarden as I really wanted to like "Live To Rise". Instead it made me just go "Eh....".

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Anonymous scott whitt said...

Totally agree. It took 15 tears to create this? I guess Chris decied he was going to be a pop star with or without Timbaland's help. I laughed when I saw Kim Thayll on Metal Evolution complaining about how hair metal had become music for the future housewives. What the F did he think his stuff was? They had some great stuff but the did the alt-power ballads with the pretty lead singer and the really expensive videos too.

6:10 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

Couldn't agree more Scott. Soundgarden went from raw, gritty and real to being this pretty band with fancy videos. Talk about being music for future housewives! I had friends who were not into metal or grunge suddenly talking about how Sundgarden were the real deal and "so heavy". For me Soundgarden will always hold a special place in my heart. After all "Big Dumb Sex" was a song I sang to my (soon to be ex) wife at a drunken college party so many years ago. Good times.

6:08 AM  

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