Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Strong Intention-Razorblade Express

PATAC Records

This six-track EP has been getting a bit of press thanks to the fact that the title cut, "Razorblade Express", features a guest spot from Eyehategod's one and only mad man Mike IX Williams. Forget that number for a second and consider the fact that the five other cuts on this release also offer the listener great bodily harm music wise. These tracks are just as intense, angry and in your face as the title cut is even without the help of Williams and his gargling razor blades voice. Underground act Strong Intention have been kicking up shit around the scene since the mid-nineties all the while bringing their New York influenced hardcore meets English grindcore sound to anyone with enough back bone and balls to handle it. Their music isn't for everyone as this Baltimore act is hostel as hell and (if we're being honest here folks) downright scary. With the album's first press run limited to just 500 copies "Razorblade Express" is sure to find a place in the hand's of die hard fans as well as those who love and appreciate the sounds of blistering and intense gut-punching hardcore/grind.

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