Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dead Lord - No Prayers Can Help You Now

High Roller Records

There isn't much to go by with this 7' EP I'm afraid. All I got from Pure Steel Promotion was a e-mail that suggested I check out the link. With that link I got the album cover and these two tracks. Nothing else. Likewise, online I didn't find much information on the group and as I'm pressed for time at the moment I will just cut this review short. Call it lazy journalism if you will or just the mad desire I have right now to figure out why my Itunes will not open. Dead Lord are a raw Swedish rock band with a nice garage sound. The four piece band (guitars and vocals - Hakim Krim, guitars - Olle Hedenstrom, bass - Tobias Lindkvist and drums - Adam Lindmark) look like they went to the Motorhead school of rock and sound more like the older (and better) Swedish rock/metal scene. Not much more than that to be said I'm afraid so I've decided to just post links to both songs below so you can check out Dead Lord for yourself.

"No Prayers Can Help You Now"


300 x "blood-red" vinyl + black vinyls

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