Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cop Problem-Cop Problem

War Torn / Prejudice Me

Philadelphia's Cop Problem are a four-piece band that employs a D-beat-infused punk rock/crust/hardcore sound to get their political message across. On this, the group's debut 7", the listening public is treated to three songs of pent-up & abrasive punk rock that should resonate well with fans of the early crust scene. As the band fights against the powers that be the group is lead into battle by lead vocalist Deborah Cohen and let's just say that the ensuing assault it both swift and volatile. Having already shared the stage with national acts including Converge, Trap Them, Dropdead, Coke Bust, Resistant Culture and Leftover Crack the band seems poised for bigger and better things. Considering they have done all of this since their mid-2010 inception and one can't help but expect great things to come from the band's camp. Is it unfair to expect bigger and better things from Cop Problem in the near future given the fact that here is a band that goes full head on into the fight? If they have given everything they have already for the cause can they still muster more rage and therefor more action? Time will tell. Follow the links below for more info.

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Blogger non de guerre said...

Cop Problem sounds kind of sh*tty, but its a good sh*tty because I agree with their message!

7:50 AM  
Blogger Andy said...

Lots of crust/punk bands sound like sh*t, but when you listen to the message being laid down you cn't help but get into it.

11:26 AM  

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