Friday, April 20, 2012


High Roller Records

Alcoholator is a four-piece band from Montreal that was formed in 2010. Influenced by bands such as Razor, Exodus, S.O.D., Kreator, Anthrax and Destruction the band made it their mission to play thrash metal that paid homage to the greats while retaining it's own identity. Even if the band's first demo was called "Drunker Than Thou'." and this album has such classic song titles as "Intoxication 101" (Instrumental), “Liquid Thrash”, “Drink Beer … Or Die Trying” and “Wasted (All The Time)” I wouldn't say that this is Montreal's answer to Tankard. Instead think along the lines of Razor meets Annihilator with early Exodus and Sodom riding shotgun for the beer run. Alcoholator are not reinventing the wheel here. Pretty much every new thrash metal band is going for the same sound. With this Montreal act it's more like taking a ride on thrash metal's roller coaster where there are far more ups than downs. Even if it is the same roller coaster that you have been on all summer thanks to your park pass it's still a nice thrill and when the ride is over your more likely than not to want to jump in line again for the next go round because frankly it is just plain fun.

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