Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Iodine-An abyss at nightfall


Portugual's Iodine play straight up no-nonsense death/metalcore/hardcore on their four song EP. That's not a style I am always thrilled by because so many bands fall in the trap of just being noise with no style. That's not totally the case here."Silent King" leads off the album and it's thick, twisted attack from the start. It never gets out of control and eventually they get some pace and mood changes going which it give it some needed texture. "Chaos swan" has a chaotic groove bouncing along and the bands rides with it. Again we get some varied tempos around three quarters of the way through. "Monster of free will" is more of a brief interlude with simple, mellow music and a spoken word bit. This leads into the closer "Auroras Thief" which is the most one dimensional song, but probably the most brutal too and they handle it with the kind of aggressive force it needed. Always hard to judge a band on a just a few songs and here it's around 12 minutes of music total. I liked what Iodine have accomplished here. They stay on this route then I expect to hear more good things from them in the near future.



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