Monday, April 16, 2012

Loaded Gun-s/t

Pictured above: Ron Mitchell guitar, Colin Spence bass, Ed Owens Vocals, Jim Holmes drums, Dave Classen guitar


This album includes seven tracks from New Jersey's Loaded Gun. This is 80's inspired hard rock that reminds me some of 80's Alice Cooper, Little Caesar, Cinderella, and others. "Loaded Gun" comes sliding on with a comfortable groove and gets even better as it goes along. "Lie alone" begins with a thick and heavy vibe. This is a fairly basic track, but it benefits from being very tight and easy to get into. "Slow Love" starts out slow for a few seconds before launching into some meaty riffs. This song reminded me a little of Zodiac Mindwarp. "Hard candy blues" opens with some brief guitar swirls before leading into a steady tempo. This track definitely revolves around the vocals and it works on that level. "Revolution" comes on with a different tone from any of the previous tracks. It's slightly more modern and a little more serious. This is the only track on the album that goes over five minutes. The vocals are strong and the music has enough changes to keep the flow going, but this was the first time on the album where I felt like they were not totally comfortable with what they doing. It's still good, but not as smooth as the previous tracks. "You were mine" is a ballad and it takes a little time to get going, but once it does they own this song and really make it end on a high note. The final track "She likes thunder and lightning" reminds me of late 80's hard rock with yet another smooth chorus leading the way. Overall I really enjoyed this album and it made me want to hear more Loaded Gun.

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