Friday, April 13, 2012

Pantera-"P**s" Single

Atlantic Records

Is "P**s" really the only "complete" previously unheard/unreleased track left for Pantera? Drummer Vinnie Paul seems to think so. The track in question was a leftover number from the "Vulgar Display of Power" sessions and it was only discovered when drummer Vinnie Paul was putting together the pieces for the 20th anniversary reissue of said album. This rediscovered track should be more than enough to drive Pantera fans into convulsions. The track might have been "forgotten" or more than likely left off the album for a reason-like the fact that it sounds almost hobbled together from bits and pieces of other better material. Even so "P**s" is a Pantera track through and through. It is crusty, angry and pissed off (pun not intended) brutal metal that should make the rank and file want to tear things up once more. "P**s" might not rank among the best works ever for Pantera, but does it matter at this point for the guys? If anything this long-lost cut is more than enough muscle to remind people that there will only ever be one Pantera-love em' or loath em'.

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Blogger Metal Mark said...

One of my least favorite metal bands ever.

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