Wednesday, April 11, 2012


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Right after the Greek band Wardrum unleashed their debut album “Spadework” to the metal community they went back to work on the follow-up. With only a year removed from then to now this new release, "Desolation" is a step-up as far as follow ups go and an amazing display of highly skilled progressive power metal. Everything from the song writing to the album's artwork (which is a work of Piotr Szafraniec created specifically for Wardrum) to the band's new singer Yannis Papadopoulos (Until Rain, Crosswind) marks a step in the right direction. That direction is straight up as this sophomore release looks likely to establish the band as one of the best new progressive power metal bands to come out of not only Greece but Europe in a long time. Don't let that high praise fall on deaf ears and please don't mistake this boast as simple folly for this band is every bit as good as the hype. While the band's debut (which saw former Horizons End members Kosta Vreto, Stergios Kourou and Kostas Scandalis joined by the vocalist of Uli Jon Roth, one Piero Leporale) was a fine work of progressive power metal this new album is such a leap forward it hardly seems like the same band. Especially if you consider the fact that only one year has passed since their debut album "Spadework" and their second album,"Desolation". Now those of you who are frequent readers know that I am not a huge prog/power metal fan. Usually progressive power metal bands fall into one of two categories for me. You either have highly skilled yet ultimately boring acts and then you have bands that have not only skill but can also write hook-laden songs that flat out rock. Wardrum fall into the later group with "Desolation". With "Desolation" Wardrum walks into the room and just shreds everything and everyone to bits. Not only does this band have strong melodies and superb technical know how but, they also have one foot firmly planted in traditional heavy metal. Imagine taking some of the better parts of bands like Riot, New Eden, Helstar, Crimson Glory, Watchtower, Titan Force, Warlord, Vicious Rumors, Symphony X, Queensryche and Destiny's End and creating a young and hungry band out of it. Wardrum would be the result. Simply put this is an exceptional album that I hope to return to often. To order see below.
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