Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Desultor-Master of hate



Sometimes having too many ingredients can cause problems if you don't know how to mix them right. Then other times in the right hands having numerous items mixed together can turn out to be quite spectacular. Desultor's album falls in that second category. They grabbed some power metal, progressive metal plus some black and death metal inspired growls. There's even some thrash riffs and some almost hardcore touches too. We all know that it's quality not quantity that matters. Fortunately Desulter have that covered too. This blend shows off the best of all of the sub-genres they tackle. There is nothing subtle about their music, but that's okay because they can handle it. I kept expecting to hear some flat moments or some filler passages yet that never happened. They just kept it going in whirlwind fashion never taking a second off. The only weakness I saw was the vocalist isn't quite as versatile as the music he's trying to keep up with. Still this album has plenty to offer.

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