Monday, April 09, 2012

Paradise Lost-"Crucify"

Century Media

As I recently found myself in possession of some free Amazon MP3 credits I decided to download some new material to review. I'm familiar with England's Paradise Lost although I'd say our relationship is more of a casual friendship than anything else. I do seem to recall a doomdeath sound coming from this band in their early days and one quick search later it all came back. Listening to the band's early works subsequently jogged my memory and helped clear some of the cobwebs out of my attic. Having formed in 1988 the band gradually moved away from that style instead choosing to incorporate elements of goth into their sound. From all accounts the band has slowly lost their grasp on all things metallic and if "Crucify" is any indication of the band's upcoming 13th studio album then a mainstream sound is more in order. Whether there will be any classic doom metal and/or classic metal to be found on the new album "Tragic Idol" remains to be seen. I'm just thankful this was a free download myself.

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