Saturday, April 07, 2012

Forgotten Gems-Buster Cherry-s/t

buster cherry album

Not to be confused with the album Buster Cherry released by Cherry St. in 1999. This band Buster Cherry recorded this EP in 1990and according to Retrospect it was not released until they released it in 2005, but now it's out of stock. Very little is known about this band. The band credits are in the CD card but only first names with first initials for the last name. Plus there's not even a band picture. You are probably hoping the music is better than the band name. Well, fortunately it is. Opener "No Control" reminds me kind of Skid Row with a stronger groove. Vocalist Chris L. certainly has a strong range. "Jack" sounds like sleazier version of Tora Tora, this one has some great hooks."Forever" is a fairly simple ballad, but this band demonstrated how a ballad can work out with a good singer and solid music. "Time After Time" is back to the Tora Tora sound with a slick style."Livin' Sin" sounds like mid-70's Aerosmith with some sleaze rock around the edges."Faces" is another ballad and it's a bit more typical than "Forever", but still decent. So we get five strong songs and one decent one. This band had it down, the sound was there and the production was strong. Can't say why they didn't get signed because I know virtually nothing about them or their circumstances. All I can say is they left one very worthwhile EP.

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