Thursday, April 05, 2012

Speedpig-Hog roast in hell



Hailing from Bridgend, South Wales is the two man project Speedpig. What we have here is a strong combination of stoner rock, 80's metal and a modern touch as well. Beginning with "Kill you to death" they launch into a multi-level attack and never let up. "Black Acid" slides on like great oily monster, but soon erupts into a faster burst of energy. "Rise up and die" is a bit more sedate, but it really focuses on the vocals and some simple yet heavy drum beats. "Tsunami" is a fuzzed out frenzy that finds the band sounding oddly comfortable. "Full hog" centers around a thick, hard hitting riff. However that's not it for this song because this one is very strongly crafted with tempo changes and it's just tight throughout. The album closes with "SMG" which revolves a around a swirling heavy sound that really picks up around the final third of the song. Certainly an enjoyable EP that's basic to some extent, but these guys know a thing or two about creating some hooks and really keeping the music interesting. In the end it's a very fun ride and I hope these guys keep at it.

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