Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Overkill-The Electric Age

Nuclear Blast Records

When "Electric Rattlesnake" was released awhile back I would have never guessed that it would end up being one of the new album's strongest tracks. Overkill's sixteenth studio album is not bad or anything it is just that they released the best cut as a single. Of course usually that is the way singles are supposed to work so who I am to argue right? Now I know Metal Mark is more of an old school Overkill fan and frankly that is understandable as prime Overkill is nothing but a beast. I like to think of myself though as an all-over Overkill fan although truth be told I'm more likely to pull out those early albums than their later day material. Overkill are still thrashers first and foremost and this new album is no exception. The band is all about aggression and waving the banner of tried and true American thrash. It might not be the best thing they have laid to tape or end up being on many "Best Of" lists at the end of the year. That is ok though as Overkill are Overkill-nothing more and nothing less. Those looking for thrash at it's finest will dig "The Electric Age" and all it has to offer if your just looking at it from how much headbanging you can do. Just don't expect anything groundbreaking from Overkill because let's face it they are just Overkill for better or worse. Unless something amazing happens or the band shakes up it's line-up Overkill will most likely just be that good, old fashioned thrash band we all known and love ever if they are not the best of the bunch.

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