Monday, April 02, 2012

Solipsist-Extinction Protocol


When Solipsist posted on FaceBook that they were looking for sites to review their new EP I jumped at the opportunity. Having reviewed the group's "The Human Equation" (link below) I can tell you that these guys bleed metal. Maybe I really am a gluten for punishment because listening to Solipsist can be like having someone hit you upside the head with a spiked baseball bat ala Escape From New York. There is heavy and then there is HEAVY. Solipsist fall into that second category. Spit out from hell in the summer of 2006 this Ohio-based act plays brutal technical death metal/thrash that could make heads exploded. Sure enough it is a technical beast and this EP offers quite a bit of well thought out songs with the usual level of professional experience you'd expect from these guys. That said this isn't some sort of " Well hello Mister Fancy pants" technical metal on display here folks. This is a blood-bath of Biblical proportions type of heavy metal onslaught and any technical playing only adds to the seriousness of the mass destruction. When the band opens with a track called "Save Me a Place in Hell" you know this isn't going to be some afternoon walk in the park, by-the-numbers death metal album. The band's usual Death and early Sepultra influences come into play along with some early Slayer & Metallica, Carcass, later day Napalm Death, Lamb of God, Opeth, Gojira, Dying Fetus and Morbid Angel appreciation. What's not to like about a band that can crush bones as well as spirits with only a few chords? With this sort of death/thrash hybrid it all comes across as very natural and very nasty. The only downside is the short length of "Extinction Protocol". With only 6 songs here to enjoy your going to build up a nice sweat but if there is more steam you want to blow off you'll have to hit replay. The issue with the length of the album aside (it's a little over 30 minutes total) Solipsist's new EP is crunchy death/thrash metal for the modern age of warfare. Solipsist continue to not only redefine the term metal but the term heavy as well. Yet again Ohio throws down the challenge of brutal and bloodied metal and dares others to step up and face the music. If there was justice to be found in the world of heavy metal Solipsist would no longer be an unknown name. For the time being those of us in Ohio should make the most of it and enjoy this underground bulldozer of a band.

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