Saturday, March 31, 2012

Impiety-Ravage and conquer



Long running Singapore based death-metallers Impiety return with another truly venomous and blasphemous release. Only a few months into 2012 and these guys already had a DVD, a live album and this new studio album out. Impiety believe in just knocking out totally brutal death metal with raging blasts of thrash interwoven. These guys play merciless music and have done so for two decades. They never get much off track or try any new avenues. We are given eight songs here and six of those are over five minutes in length. So that's fairly long given the single mindedness of their music direction. They toss finesse aside go for straight ahead and complete bashing of their instruments. For the most part they pull it off. These guys are veterans of the field and take pride in being very steady at their craft. They do run out of ideas for a few brief periods, but they never run out of energy. This album does require some patience on the part of the listener, but overall I felt satisfied with the results.

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