Friday, March 30, 2012

French Metal Friday: Highland Queen

Some days it does not pay to get out of bed. I had typed up a nice long article on this French group and despite the fact that I had little to go by originally it did explore this unheard of traditional heavy metal act. Well, after I typed up the last sentence and hit publish post it asked me to sign in again. That is when everything went downhill for me and somehow Blogger lost my work. This was even after I had saved it! Like I said, sometimes it is better to just stay in bed than to have to face day (or the urge to smash your PC into a thousand pieces). Anyway, this French metal act was formed in 1983 and released a single, demo and EP before calling it a day. Power Record's collected the single and EP and along with two live cuts gave us "Highland Queen 1983-1985". The live material includes a cover of "Live Wire" by Mötley Crüe. That is a good reference point as Highland Queen sound a little like early Mötley Crüe mixed with lighter Judas Priest. Nothing fancy mind you just no-frills early eighties heavy metal. I've included a link below to their "Living After Midnight" video and no it is not a Judas Priest cover!

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Blogger Metal Mark said...

I remember five or six years ago when blogger used to cut out a lot like that.

3:21 AM  
Blogger Andy said...

Few things in life (other than maybe soon to be ex-wives) frustrate me as much.

4:35 AM  

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