Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Frontiers Records

For a Wednesday I would rather be doing a NWOBHM feature. Instead we will settle for a group from the UK. This full-length album from Brighton's Furyon was actually released back in 2010. All that Frontiers Records is doing is simply re-releasing the band's debut with 2 additional bonus tracks. Supposedly this group is the next big thing in the UK or so the hype goes. In case your paying attention even a little bit in life then you'll notice that we seem to hear that every month or so about some new act coming out of Britain. Are Furyon destined to stardom like the UK press predicts? Or more than likely will they just be one of those bands that you say "I wonder what ever happened to X?" and no one knows why we paid them all the fuss to begin with? Well, this is is about 50-50. Half is quite good while the other half one could take or leave. Modern rock/metal is what is in store for the average listener meaning a band raised on classic rock, heavy metal, prog and countless other genres we have all heard before. When the band is on everything clicks and one can't help but admit maybe the mainstream press is right. When things are off though I do have to wonder what this band was thinking or rather smoking. My best guess is these guys will do some fine things. That said in the end I highly doubt these guys will be the next big thing or even that we will remember them in 5+ years.

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