Sunday, March 25, 2012

Frantic Amber-Wrath Of Judgement


Fan's of either female-fronted or all-female metal groups should feel quite pleased with the wealth of material out there these days. It seems as if the more I look around for new acts to cover (or old acts to check out) wave upon wave of material comes pouring my way. The latest group that I stumbled upon (or rather tripped over as it was right in my way when I was off looking for another group!) is Stockholm, Sweden based melodic death/thrash Frantic Amber. Since I half expected another Mystica Girls I was pleased to be wrong when this 5-track demo debut downloaded. The moment I heard this one images of early Sepultura, early Slayer and early Metallica came my way although none of those three ever could be as infused with melodic death quite like this band. Is it a new sound? No, not by a long shot! Nothing groundbreaking here and this one is not at all perfect. Some of the material tends to overlap into other material and there are moments when things fall flat. But, (and there is always a but right?) the band shreds and has a vocalist who knows how to deliver. The music is heavy ladies and gentlemen and played with skill, speed and demonic intensity. If your looking for new melodic death/thrash you could do a lot worse.

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