Friday, March 23, 2012

DeathAmphetamine-The Lost Album

Obscenity Cult

I have just a few questions for this Friday morning. Do you like grinding thrash? Do you still cherish the sound of cassette tapes? And finally do you like concept album's about "an apocalyptic future where all of their cynical paranoid conspiracy theory lyrics turned out to be true"? If you answered yes to all three questions then boy do I ever have good news for you! With members of Panzerbastard, Blessed Offal and Deathgod Messiah in it's ranks this is one act that should appeal to those of you who can't get enough of over the top extreme metal. For the record the band's promo lists influences like death metal, punk, hardcore, crust, classic grind, black metal and power metal. In reality this is insane grind/thrash with just enough raw, underground punk/hardcore to get the blood flowing. Life is full of surprises obviously and from the sounds of this release good things can still be found on those dusty old tapes.

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