Monday, March 19, 2012

Forgotten Gems-White Sister-s/t

white sister

Ignore that group picture on the album cover. No, don't look at it because the leg warmers, bandanas and headbands might sway your opinion and have you thinking these guys were in the same league as unworthy acts as Autograph and Loverboy. They were not because this was White Sister. That's right, White Sister. You never heard of them? Yeah, maybe not. You should have, we all should have because they were an impressive AOR/hard rock unit. This was their first of two albums and several years later 3/4 of the band would be in Tattoo Rodeo which was more of slightly southern tinged hard rock act. White Sister were a cross between solid melodic hard rock acts of the time along the lines of Dokken and Icon mixed in slick sounding AOR elements a little like Foreigner. However they developed their own personality right here on their debut. The guitars are powerful as they create a strong canvas for the melodies to be laid upon. Admittedly the first time I heard this album I wasn't thrilled by the keyboards. I was in a metal frame of mind and didn't take to this album right away. I let it sit for a year or two and came back to it. Then then the mix smooth melodies and, quick keyboards and some hard rock elements clicked with me. Not sure if the band was a little too late or a little early or that they didn't get the right push. Whatever the reason they never got their due back then which is a shame because they were on. However over the years this has been highly re-guarded by fans of this style which is understandable. AOR gets a negative reputation in many circles, but like all genres there's good and bad bands. White Sister were an efficient act with some impressive ideas.

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