Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fingernails-Alles verboten

High Roller Records

Rome, Italy's cult punk speed metal/thrash band Fingernails may have formed back in 1981 but by my count this is only their 3rd full-length affair. Maybe it has more to do with the fact that they are more like a punk band than a metal band. Lyrically and socially that is. Whatever the case "Alles verboten" is 11 tracks of full-tilt punk metal sort of like a bizarre mixture of Motorhead, S.N.F.U., The Exploited and Die Toten Hosen. With songs like "Suicide Generation", "Frankenstein Food", "Witchy Suicide Wildcat", "Rock and Roll Barbie" and "Satan Vs God" on the menu this one is sure to leave you feeling a little dizzy when it is all said and done. Somewhat like watching a bus come out of nowhere to run over a cow your left wondering "what the....?". With the longest track being just a little over 4 minutes in length though (the quite odd "Father Ralph") things wrap up rather quickly making this quirky little album short and sweet. Just when your starting to get it the album is over with and all you can do is hit the repeat button.

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