Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Old Head-Maximum Rock

old head

At war with false noise

If you want your band to have a corny name and if you choose a cheesy, generic name for your album then you at least better justify it by putting some impressive music on it. Fortunately Old Head did just that. This Philadelphia band includes Old Head is Maximum Rock and Thrash and features MegaDan Tumolo on lead vocals, guitarist Ryan Moll (Rumpelstiltskin Grinder), producer/bass guitarist Dan O’Hare (Mark-It-Zero Music Studios) and drummer Richard Hoak (Brutal Truth/TFD). The album is actually a fairly chaotic take on classic thrash. The main influence here is early Megadeth although there are some Maiden and Motorhead riffs sprinkled throughout. The lyrics are largely tongue in cheek as evidenced in tracks like "Almost cut my hair" and "Rock n roll doctor". The music here is true early style thrash although the band throw in enough of their own style to make it sound thrash. That's the difference between them and a lot of other retro thrash bands. They don't just copy old styles but rather they draw upon it and put their own touches in to. I certainly expect to be listening to this album in the upcoming weeks.

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