Monday, March 12, 2012

Jeff Scott Soto-Damage Control



Some times the term journeyman in the music brings about a bit of a negative attachment. Like s player hasn't really established themselves, but instead bounce around performers with various acts. However another way to look at it is they are staying busy doing music when and wherever they can. Jeff Scott Soto is definitely a journeyman singer who has played with Yngwie, Journey, Talisman and others over the years. Yet he also been one of the most consistant vocalists of the last several decades. No matter what he sings or who he sings with it's normally golden. His latest solo outing is no exception. He stays within his comfort zone performing melodic hard rock and AOR songs with a mix of rockers and ballads. So nothing new, but his voice is smooth and so on that it could be 1986 or 1996 or well you get the picture. We know a JSS album will focus on his voice as the lead instrument and well it should because he still has the edge and knows how to use it. I am not sure what all he has done to keep his voice in tip top shape, but he has. It's always pleasing to hear a professional just belt it out make it sound all too easy, but that's what JSS does here once again.

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