Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cannibal Corpse-Torture

Metal Blade Records

Ever since Cannibal Corpse made their debut back in 1990 with the ever so charming (and wonderfully titled) "Eaten Back To Life" they have been a love them or hate them band. Never mind people who don't care for death metal (for them the title "Torture" would be quite apt) as I'm not talking about them. I'm addressing death metal fans in general who find Cannibal Corpse terribly trying. For me Cannibal Corpse were always a shade too goofy with cheesy albums covers and over the top lyrics. Don't get me wrong as I appreciated death metal as a teenager with bands like Death, Obituary, Entombed and Possessed finding a place in my tape collection. While I still listen to death metal (especially the band Death) bands like Cannibal Corpse are a little too.....well, out there I guess you can say. That said I always try to listen to these albums with an open mind and a willingness to be subjective. As the number one seller of death metal albums these gore maniacs know who they are and what they want to unload upon the listener. Formed in Buffalo, New York in 1989, Cannibal Corpse are if nothing else consistent and despite line-up changes (bassist Alex Webster and drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz being the only two surviving members of the original line-up) the band keep on trucking. "Torture" is the twelfth full-length album of their twenty-four year career and as always is extreme, brutal and just about as close to grindcore as you can get while still being death metal. As stated these guys know what works for them and they stick close to their roots meaning "Torture" will appeal to long time fans while those who were never into the band will still find them offsetting.


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