Friday, March 09, 2012

Current Playlist

Another week and we are listening to more stuff. Here you go....

Warrior-Fighting For The Earth
No Trouble-Looking For Trouble But Watch
Various Artists-Metal Minded
Angel Witch-As Above, So Below
Sabbat-History of a Time to Come
Japanese Voyeurs-Yolk
No Shame-Good Girls Don't
Mad Max-Rollin' Thunder
Fastway-Dog Eat Dog
Girl-Sheer Greed

Metal Mark-
Angel Witch-As Above, So Below
Wino and Conny Ochs-Heavy Kingdom
Megascavenger-Songs Of Flesh: Part I
Lord Mantis-Pervertor
Jeff Scott Soto-Damage Control
Cry of love-Brother
Cheap Trick-Greatest Hits
Motorhead-Another perfect day
White Sister-s/t

***What are you listening to?

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Anonymous Eric Roy said...

1. Jag Panzer "Tyrants"
2. Hooded Menace split with Horse Latitudes
3. Sinister "Cross the Styx"
4. Salem's Wych "Betrayer of Kings"
5. Helstar "Burning Star"
6. Aura Noir "Black Thrash Attack"
7. Bolt Thrower "Honor, Valor..."
8. Bad Lizard "Power of Destruction"
9. Attila "Rolling Thunder"
10. Mach II s/t

2:38 PM  

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