Thursday, March 08, 2012

Crimson Cult-Tales Of Doom

Pure Steel Records

Austrian band Crimson Cult were assembled piece by piece in 2008 by ex-Stygma IV members Günter Maier ( keyboards and guitars) and Alexander Hilzensauer (bass). Adding two top notch new members in Walter Stüfer (vocals) and Peter “Beda” Bachmayer (drums) the pair looked to carry on the power metal style of Stygma IV. Between then and now the band released a 5 track demo and their s/t debut. Now while Stygma was more or less pure power metal in nature the new creature created by Maier and company contains traces of traditional metal, doom, speed metal and progressive/melodic metal. The doom metal in fact gives Crimson Cult a rather old-school evil vibe reflecting images of both Dio and Candlemass in the process. While the vocals of Walter Stuefer do tend to remind one of Savatage groups like Nevermore, Jag Panzer, later day Black Sabbath, the aforementioned Dio/Candlemass, Metal Church and Tyrant all come to mind throughout "Tales Of Doom". While the whole group is simply a well-oiled and technically sound machine special mention must be made of guitarist/founding member Günter Maier. His skills are something to behold as he brings neo-classical leanings to the mix and has mastered both his ax and keyboard. His early power metal roots shine through like a bright light in a dark room and when he lets things out of the bag if you will that is when Crimson Cult really stand out. His style is almost lost on today's generation who might have the technical skills but lack the wizardly of his hands. With ten tracks to display their take on the genre Crimson Cult make a pretty convincing case that excellent power metal (with some great added on bells and whistles) can come out of nowhere and lay claim to be top dogs. Austria must be proud of these four guys.


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