Friday, March 09, 2012

Fastway-Eat Dog, Eat

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Even though the promo lists April of this year for a US release date the fact is "Eat, Dog Eat" has already been readily available for anyone who wished to pick up a copy. As a casual Fastway fan myself (really the first two albums) I checked out this album as soon as I could pick up a copy. Since then I have listened to the album quite a few times and already had a general impression of the album. When Mark suggested I tackle Fastway's new album then (since the promo material just showed up this week) I thought why not. I had already reviewed the group's "Leave The Light On" single (link below) and liked what I heard so my anticipation was high for Fastway's new album. Chances are if your here at Heavy Metal Time Machine then you should hopefully have a pretty good idea of who the band is and why "Fast" Eddie Clarke is the man. If not read my previous review for a brief history of this hard rock/traditional heavy metal band. As far as "Eat Dog, Eat" goes overall I have enjoyed it. Is it as good as the group's early material? For me the answer would have to be no however (and it is a big HOWEVER folks!) this is a superb piece of hard rock from Fast Eddie Clarke (ex-Motorhead) and Toby Jepson (ex-Little Angels). Joined on drums by Matt Eldridge (Toby's long-time drummer of choice) the pair worked out material that is full of passion, drive and dynamic rock riffs. The album is a throw-back affair recalling hard rock and heavy metal from another time. Really this has more in common with 70's hard rock and 80's metal than the modern metal we are hounded by daily. The music is built around the same sort of blues riffs that bands like AC/DC, Great White and Cinderella are known for only with Fastway it comes across more as whiskey-soaked, bar room hard rock. In other words old fashioned rock and roll metal fans would do well to invest some hard earned cash in "Eat Dog, Eat" while mall metal kids should save their allowance.


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Lavoro poco esaltante secondo me, per non dire del tutto inutile. R'n'r inglese molto soft con tempi lenti e un sound anni '70. Ho fatto fatica ad ascoltarlo tutto.
Di: inquietudinedikobal

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