Thursday, March 08, 2012

Megascavenger-Songs of flesh-Part 1


Megascavenger is the latest project from Swedish musician Rogga Johansson. He is known for his work with Paganizer, Ribspreader, Demiurg, The Grotesquery, Bone Gnawer, Revolting and more. This album features duets with Jörgen Sandström (Grave, Krux, Torture Division) and Paul Speckmann (Master, Death Strike, Abomination). Only two tracks here, but Johansson makes it count and wets out appetites for the full length album that is supposed to be released in a few months with even more guest contributors. "No haven for the sane" takes a while to get started as we get some repetitive effects for just over a minute before the song erupts with chunky riffs, brutal drums and some searing vocals. I thought I had this song pegged as it stayed one speed for some time, but then they tossed in some change-up with the pace slowing down and focusing on heaviness instead of just speed for a little while. "Death obsessed" is perhaps even better with deep sounds blasting from all the instruments. Again they start out in one gear, but then proceed to explode and go in numerous directions all the while maintaining a steady focus. At the heart of these two songs is old school death metal, but Johansson pushes beyond that and adds plenty of surprises in. This was impressive and I am certainly ready for the full length album to come out.

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