Monday, March 12, 2012

Forgotten Gems-Cry of love-Brother


Many of our Forgotten Gems have been more obscure albums, but this band was on a major label (Columbia)and had a major opening slot with Aerosmith. I heard the opener from this album "Highway Jones" on the radio a few times and liked it. I was really impressed with them when they opened for Aeromsith. They played a solid set, but I remember looking around the arena and being surprised that my friends and I were some of the few people who were really into them. In fact most people were still sitting down like bumps on a log. Shortly after seeing them live I was talking to a friend of a friend who said he had this this CD, but didn't care for it. I gave him three bucks to take it off his hands. I quickly discovered they just as good on disc as they were like. Think a cross between Bad Company, Free, early Aerosmith and even a touch of Cream. Just total 70's rock worship with the right hooks and grooves. If this album had come out in the most recent decade I think it might have it. However this was the first half of the 90's and the musical tides had changed. The Black Crowes managed to find a following with their style of 70's influenced southern rock/hard rock, but that didn't happen for everyone. For me every track on "Brother" was impressive and I still stand by that opinion. Actually it had been a while since I listened to it and only did as I was moving some CDs around.However when I put this in it all came flooding back to me. Those many hours playing this disc over and over. Of course I will put it in regular rotation again. If you missed it the first that okay. A lot of people did, but it's still around and still spectacular so track it down and check it out.

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