Monday, March 12, 2012

Tribune-Elder Lore/The Dark Arts

Corpse Corrosion Music

On their second full-length release, "Elder Lore/ The Dark Arts" the band Tribune (who hail from Burnaby, BC.) decided to break into my house, steal all of my heavy metal collection and then craft an album that explored all the various bands I listen to. How else does one explain everything this five piece band throws out to the listener? Classic heavy metal? Check. Thrash? Check. Melodic hardcore? Check. Progressive metal? Check. Death metal? Check. Doom? Check. It is all here and then some. Granted you could call it a bit of a chaotic mash-up of styles and sounds as if the band is still searching for just who they are. I rather find it more interesting than perplexing as here you have a band that at any given moment could pay homage to older bands like Black Sabbath, C.O.C., Metallica or Slayer while still finding time to fall into the modern metal scene with its emphasis on those crunchy/chug chug type riffs. While there is still room for growth one can't help but appreciate the high level of energy these guys bring to the party and how they are not so easy to pigeon hole style-wise. Here is another band that with some time under their belts (or guitar straps if you will) could very well develop into something dead serious. In other words less a curiosity act and more a driving force in the field of modern metal bands. Definitely an album I'm going to be coming back to again very soon. Modern metal fans would do well to check these guys out as well because if nothing else this album is heavy enough to shatter windows, blow speakers and raise the dead if you know what I mean!


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