Thursday, March 15, 2012

Forgotten Gems: Randy-"Shadows Are Falling" Single

Arp Grammofon

Man alive I can not even begin to tell you how many times I came across this band over the years only to pass over them because of that cover art. Just about every eighties heavy metal blog site worth half a crap had this single for download though. With the name and cover I always expected this to be some sort of awful second wave thrash act named after their singer or something. If only I would have bothered to check Randy out sooner I'd have realized that this single might just be the best one to come out of Denmark ever! More than likely I'd wager that the band took their name from the fact that they were from Randers, Denmark. That would make sense. What does not make sense is how this single isn't more well known here in America? Supposedly it still has a huge cult following to this day over in parts of Europe and one can see why...or rather hear why. Randy pulled off superb heavy metal the way it used to be. No frills heavy metal like this was all the rage in the early part of the eighties and has only recently made a comeback. This three piece band managed to release only this single (backed with the excellent track "The Beast"!) and a seven song demo before folding. The single is highly sought by record collectors the world over and as stated pretty much every where on the web you can find it download wise. In 2011 the record label No Remorse came along and finally released a proper version of the band's catalog on CD. This Best of/Compilation includes the tracks from the "Shadows Are Falling", the 1987 demo and three live tracks (also from 1987). An LP release of the CD is in the works from the sounds of it and either one would be a worthwhile purchase for heavy metal fans. I've provided a link below for the track "Shadows Are Falling" that I found on YouTube. Enjoy!

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