Monday, March 19, 2012

Heavy Pink-Flower and song

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Quick, who is the busiest man in heavy music today? Could be a number of people, but a definite consideration would have to be Mos Generator/Stone Axe front man Tony Reed. In addition to the above mentioned acts Reed now has Heavy Pink. This is a two track seven inch so I'll get at both songs. "Flower and song" sounds like some soft hippie title perhaps, but instead it's a lofty, deep drone. Reminds of a more forward version of what Sabbath were doing around 74-75 only with some space rock mixed in. No lost second in this one, every bit has something of interest. "There is a light" comes on with a meaty riff no far off from late 70's Judas Priest, but quickly settles down into more sedate mood. The vocals eventually float on while the music stays in the same steady gear. This songs rides it's repetition for more of the duration, but changes a little towards the end. You have to be a bit more patient for this one, but it's still and education in soulful heavy music. This project has more psychedelic elements than we have come to expect from Mr. Reed, but he handles expertly of course.This Heavy Pink disc is exciting, but the only complaint is now I want to hear from them than just these eight minutes. So hopefully Tony Reed has that in his plan and perhaps he might even time to squeeze it into his schedule as well.

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Anonymous TR said...

i am currently writing and recording more songs. thank you for the great review.

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