Friday, March 16, 2012

Rotorvator-Heaven EP


Do not adjust your stereo. The sound you are hearing is not of this world. Something dark and ominous has found a way to slip through the cracks and it's name is Rotorvator. From their own page (link below) we are offered this by way of explanation: "Rotorvator performs violent rituals constantly inspired by everything that is unbearable and unfathomable to the human mind. Its vision of music is one of loud, raw and deliberately offensive sounds, messing up black metal, noise, industrial and psychedelia." Actually, this 3-track EP plays out as if someone had opened up the Necronomicon and decided what the world needed more than anything was a black metal band made up of deadites. With that out in the open it would be wise to arm yourself for what awaits.Whenever you read the words aloud from the book of the dead things get downright twisted. This band was obviously raised on the book of the dead as much as they were extreme black metal and the music of rotted psychedelic rock stars. Find out why this one creeps me out at the link below. Be warned though this one is dark and dismal folks.

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