Friday, March 16, 2012

Zarpa-Las Puertas Del Tiempo

Karthago Records

Traditional heavy metal act Zarpa have a long standing cult status in their home country of Spain. Formed as Wolframio back in 1977 (when I was just a four year old!) the group has been active on and off ever since. They played from 1977 to 1988 before stepping down as Spain's top metal act only to briefly reform in 1992. Since 1999 the band has once more been active and as their latest LP proves they have no interest in suddenly changing their sound or singing in anything but their native language. It is most likely due to the fact that the band only sings in Spanish that they are not more well known here in the States. My first taste of the band came by way of the excellent 1982 album "¿Ángeles o Demonios?" which is a cult record for many collectors. A superb full-length debut it was only the beginning as the band went on to bigger and better things. As stated they are huge in Spain and it is no wonder why given their superb take on hard and heavy metal. Like soldiers marching onward to the battle this Spanish act puts on a full suit of heavy metal armour. The band's sound is firmly rooted in 70's/early 80's heavy metal. Think along the lines of Accept/Scorpions/Judas Priest/Saxon style metal and you'll get an idea. The band has killer riffs and even if the lyrics are foreign to me the music speaks volumes. Pure heavy metal is a beautiful thing in any language!

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