Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hair metal hodge podge-Circus, S.E.X. Department

Okay, I pulled two more hair metal discs from my disc.


Background-This is actually a tough category because there does not seem to be much information on this band. This was recorded in Lindenhurst,Illinois in 1989 and the names of the band members are listed. That's about it though. The quality sounds like a demo so unless told otherwise I am assuming that's what it was.

Influences-Poison, Pretty Boy Floyd

The Good-It's interesting hearing a hair metal demo from this time period because so many of the major label releases were so slick that this sound is actually a welcome change for once. The singer has a decent voice and sounds solid when he is himself (the flip side of this will fall in the next category). The guitarist knocks out several decent rhythms and I like it even better cosnidering I know it didn't spruced up by layers of production work. Most of the songs are mid-paced rockers and they handle them nicely.

The Bad-The vocalist tries hard to sound like Bret Michaels on several songs and it's painful. My advice would have been save that stuff for the shower and just be yourself. Guitar solos, were ther any? I don't remember them, but that was kind of standard for this style.

Final Word-Fans of Poison style glam will like it although if you like everything smooth as silk the sound quality may turn you off. This was nothing new, but they were alright at what they did.


Background-Hailing from Italy this actually a one man band, that man being Kelly "Trash" Mendess. As one guy handles vocals, guitars, bass and drums. Although there is a second guy helping with the background vocals. I am surprised more hair metal acts are not just one guy because it does not take much talent to do this style of music. Maybe they need extra guys to do each other's make-up though. Not when they tour the frontman brings in a touring line-up. This was done in 2007 and there has been a second release since then.

Influences-Pretty Boy Floyd, Alleycat Scratch,Faster Pussycat

The Good-The vocals are slightly nasal, but really not bad. There's some degree of character to his voice. The pace and mood on a number of songs is not your usual glam stuff. For the most part that's a good thing, they take some chances and some of them work out.

The Bad-Many of the songs are very repetitive and I mean like the same words and over and over. The first half of the album is much better than the second half. So for about three of the final five tracks you will be pushing the forward button. Those songs that are weak are very dull and I mean 40 seconds in and you may have had enough.

Final Word-This is a mixed bag. The decent songs slightly outweigh the bad and I respect Mendess for doing this pretty much all on his own. Still even for retro glam acts there are far better bands out there doing this style.

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