Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Craaft-Second Honeymoon 2012 Re-Release


One really has to appreciate Yesterrock's dedication to old school AOR and hard rock. Their re-releases are nothing short of superb. When it comes right down to it you can tell that these fine folks have a true passion for the music they deal in. The latest album to get the royal treatment by Yesterrock is Craaft's second album "Second Honeymoon". Released in 1988, it was an improvement over the group's debut album. Helped along greatly by the skills of Reinhard Besser the band operated in the hard rock realm. Said sound was also seen as a harder edged AOR and despite being unjustly overlooked by today's younger rock fans there is still hope to be found. This re-release is more rock than even I remembered and thankfully with the re-mastered sound everything sounds that much more crisp and clear. Will wonders never cease though. The label managed to keep in touch with some of the gritty hard rock that made this album really kick the first time around. With such a step-up of their debut I find it odd that this album is not more well known. The band crafted sharp rock that was well-written and witty. The re-release tacks on the bonus tracks on "Long Long Time" (Demo 1987), "Break Away (Demo 1987)" and "Take It Easy" (Demo 1987) and is highly recommended to AOR and hard rock enthusiasts.


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