Friday, March 23, 2012

French Metal Friday: Angel Crash

Today I thought why not do a quick entry for French Metal Friday. This is one obscure band that few people I know have ever heard off. Even I don't know much about these French rockers other than the fact that they have been compared to fellow-French act Killers and had a silly satanic gimmick. Formed in 1983 the band managed one 5 song demo cassette and single (both in 1984) before breaking up. If it wasn't for how good the 1984 single is I doubt anyone would have cared about this quirky group. "Satan" is one of those singles that is pure heavy metal. It is sung in French and almost punk in nature with a gritty, raw and fast style. It is heavy metal done garage style and both evil and twisted. It is backed by the melodic and yet equally enjoyable track "Planète Espoir". With bands like this information is hard to come by so who knows what happened after these releases? More than likely they were just lost in the shuffle. If anyone knows more about the band please get in touch.


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